Grillo Ride On Mowers - Because it's not a Bowling Green that needs mowing – (And it's You or Your Family on Top).

  • Have a steep block to mow with angles of 25 degree plus?
  • Want a ride-on built to run day in day out on this type of terrain?
  • Want a lawn finish on definitely not lawn steep slopes?
  • Was that wet kikuyu grass on your undulating property just too much for your last machine?
  • Need a ride on mower capable of 4WD performance?
  • And do you need to do all this sorted with a reliable machine that makes servicing a breeze.

You see when it comes to mowing "bowling green flat" grass nearly all ride on mowers are up to the task. Yep, that stuff is easy. Just pick the grass finish you want, the budget you have to spend and most will find a mower up to the task.

But when you add in 25 degree slopes, 15 degree ridges and general Australian bush terrain it's quite a different matter. Pick a "bowling green" product then and yes it's all on.

Here's the story of Doug Creek, a recent Grillo customer, who started out with a "bowling green" machine for an "all terrain" job.

Four years ago Doug had been mowing up a slope, along a driveway edge, next to a drop off, when the back wheel lost traction and slid down, throwing him off the mower to the ground below.

The mower came down on top of him and Doug put his hands out to push it away. One hand went into the centre of the mower blade and the other caught the outer edge of the blade severely severing his right hand. Doug had to be medi-vacted off the island for some major reconstruction.

He spent 2 years rehabilitating from the accident, after which time he began to mow the property with a small tractor. While getting the job done, it wasn't the right machine for the job and after two years Doug decided he was ready to look at another ride on mower – but not without some serious investigation into the right mower for his property.

Doug and his wife wanted a ride on mower that would handle the slope safely, have a low centre of gravity and good traction when the grass was wet. He whittled away the unsuitable options until finding the Grillo Climber range.

His local dealer had a machine in stock and was able to provide a demonstration within a week. The Grillo Climber appealed to not only Doug but also his wife who was tentative to let him back into the driver's seat of a traditional mower!

The increased stability from the low slung design, excellent wheel grip from the tractor tyres and other safety features such as differential locking and front brakes convinced them that the Grillo Climber was the best option for their terrain and the safest mower for the job.

This story highlights one important point.

If you own a property like Doug then there are risks you need to be aware of when it's time to take out the ride-on.

Now your property may not be as steep as Doug's. And you may not have any drop-offs the size that caused him to fall. But still when it comes to mowing undulating terrain with ridges and slopes then the job's quite different compared to making pretty shapes on a flat lawn all afternoon.

So all we ask is that you take a short time to consider Grillo ride on mowers when you are looking for your next machine. They allow you to: -

  • Mow Safely Up And Down Slopes Of Up to 30 degrees
  • Mow Across 17 Degrees Ridges – Even When Difficult and Slippery
  • Control 1 Metre plus Tall Grass on Rough or Steep Ground

They also work really well with long wet grass. No longer are you or your family forced to frequently mow your property just to keep the grass from getting too long for your machine to manage. Now you can let it grow even over a metre before you need to head out again

Here’s a note from Steven Haiser, another content steep terrain Grillo customer from Coffs Harbour.

“The Climber is the best machine I’ve used on steep properties. It will go where no other mower’s will go, and cut down grass that other mowers won’t cut. It does an amazing job over challenging terrain, and using it’s mulching kit does a quality finish on a manicured lawn”. -- Steven Haiser, General Manager of Stihl Shop Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
Grillo Climber Saves Farmer Time and Increases His Safety on Tricky Slopes

Here's a Climber story from Tim Daniels a Dairy Farmer from Canungra, OLD.

"Before I purchased my Climber was using a 48" Zero Turn to cut my lawn and scrub areas. What really scared me about the zero turn machine was how easy it was to loose control of it on the steeper ground. I would only feel confident on certain areas, and have to bring out the hand mower to do the other bits. This took extra time but was at least safer. I loved the professional look of the Climber range and after a demonstration on my property I was wrapped to understand that this is not just limited to the look of the machine. The result was fantastic. It did a great job on my lawn, as well as cutting down all the heavy going scrub. I can use it all over my property and unlike the zero turn machine the Climber manages it easily and safely. I can also get the job done much faster. The Grillo Climber cuts the heavy stuff down in one run, in what would take me 5 or 6 runs on the zero turn, not including having to use the hand mower on the steep stuff. After a trade up on my existing machine, I'm very very happy with the Climber which has surpassed my expectations, compared to what I was doing on my previous ride on mower. I even feel confident to have my kids use it, which they love! I completely recommend this ride on mower."


Grillo Climber 9.16 Testimonial from Jill Meli

We are very pleased with the performance of our Grillo Climber 9.16. We have very steep terrain and the Climber does not miss a beat!


Grillo Climber 9.16 Testimonial from Charlie Astbury

I bought my Grillo Climber 916 because there are very few machines on the market (for the price) that could comfortably handle my steep, rough terrain and my tough undergrowth.

I have 2.5 ha of bush land with about 1 ha of cleared area at the front of the property that had been taken over with tall grass, weeds and some lantana. Most of it is steep (25 degrees), rough and very uneven. I had never used a ride-on of any description before buying my Grillo Climber. Every thing I did was with my trusty Stihl FS85 Brushcutter. Needless to say, maintaining a hectare by hand was not something I aspired to.


My new Grillo Climber 9.16 has really impressed me. It powers up and around my steep slopes without an issue and turns safely. Although I only have 3 acres of land I justified this investment with two important points . User safety and bushfire prevention. I rolled my Greenfield mower a few years ago and it scared the hell out of me, and for a few years I didn't slash my grass at all. This lead to an increased fire risk over summer. With my Grillo Climber I slash away every few weeks during winter and the whole hill looks like a bowling green. Now I don't have to worry so much about bushfires, and during winter I can safely and confidently slash my hillside.
It's a good quality product and obviously built to last.

Wayne - Humbug Scrub SA

I have a large 1.5 acre section with steep banks. I was using the largest walk behind mower available as it was the only thing that could do my slopes, but it was so hard I would never even get close to finishing the lawns, we are talking 3-4 hours or more and I'd collapse long before finishing. Now I go out for a quick 1/2 hour joy ride on my Grillo Climber 7.16 whenever the mood takes me and the grass can hardly keep up. If I'd known mowing could be this much fun I would have gotten a Climber years ago.

Chris – Dairy Flat NZ

Want to see a Grillo Climber in Action? See the video below.

Watch the Climber CL9.22 in Action


So what makes the Grillo Climber so good at its job?

The Grillo Climber has been specifically designed for rough terrain mowing and steep slopes.
  • A low centre of gravity –to keep you safe as the terrain roughs up.
  • Central weight distribution – to tame even the steepest of ridges.
  • Differential locking capability - to get you in and out of the tightest of corners.
Rear discharge is the secret in this aggressive and effective cutting system.  The Climber loses no power as it charges through grass, leaving a even spread of cut grass in it’s wake.

The Climber is designed for steep slope ride on mowing.

Not everyone has a perfect backyard and the Climber will take care of one metre tall grass, weeds and brush. It’s capable of flattening an overgrown section, or those properties you can’t mow every week. It will also help you reduce the fire risk on your property.  

Tough Terrain Reliability With The Grillo Climber

The difference with Grillo is that as a historically family company, established on quality, keeping this value in their products is very important.

The Grillo product is Italian and built to last. It’s high quality componentry, top class manufacturing and highly innovative design.

Professional equipment that provides great performance.

And all of this comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty
Here’s some of the Grillo Climber range:

Grillo ride on mowers for steep slopes to suit your property and needs...

Climber 7.13

The Climber 7 Series range of Climbers is built for smaller properties where safety is required on steep slopes.

The Climber 713 features a low slung design and differential lock that make it a popular with people wishing for increased safety. However, it will also tackle long grass and allow you to mow in all conditions thanks to tractor wheels and front brakes.


Climber 7.18

The Climber 7 Series range of Climbers is built for larger properties where more horsepower as well as safety is required on steep slopes.

The Climber 718 features a Briggs and Statton Intek twin 18 HP engine. It features the same low slung design and excellent stability that make it a popular with people wishing for increased safety. It will tackle long grass and allow you to mow in all conditions thanks to front brakes and differential lock.


Climber 9.18

The Climber 918 is designed for applications that are much more demanding. You may have larger areas and longer grass than a normal ride on mower can handle. The Climber 918 with it's heavy duty body, safe, low, stable design and aggressive cutting system, and differential locking will handle long grass, and mow easily on slopes up to 30 degrees. It also features front brakes which enhance control on slopes even further.


Climber 9.22

The Climber 9.22 will tackle anything - Grass over a metre tall, bushy scrub, blackberry, thick kikuyu and more. It will also mow in places you can't even take a tractor. With 22HP engine, heavy duty low slung body, differential locking and front drum brakes, the Climber 9.22 is an unstoppable mower. Due to it's ability to go anywhere, mow anything, the Climber 9.22 is perfect for applications that regularly tackle challenging conditions, for people who only have irregular opportunities to mow. The Climber 9.22 will even perform in wet, slippery conditions.



With the same engine and body specifications as the Climber 9.22, the MD22 has a different, more specialized cutting deck - a 110cm (43") three bladed deck designed to create a high quality lawn finish on slopes or hills. Unlike the Climber range MD22 is not designed to mow scrub. The MD22 is safe to use on properties that are undulating and/or steep, but primarily where you need a quality lawn finish. The height of the deck is controlled electrically from the dashboard. Step-less cutting height adjustment allows you to select the precise finishing height. The specially designed deck is unique in its ability to leave behind a great result on a steep lawn while safely mowing in places you couldn't take a normal ride on mower. The deck comes configured with a Quick Change lever to allow the operator to change mowing modes from rear discharge to mulching and back again.


Climber 7.16 Provides Safety on Slopes and Mows down Long Grass on Hunter Valley Bed and Breakfast

This Climber story comes from Garry O'Dell at Sunrise B&B, Brunkerville NSW. He uses a Climber 7.16 to maintain the grounds at his 4.5 star bed and breakfast. Sunrise B&B is beautifully landscaped and nestled against the stunning Watagan Mountains, at the southern end of the Hunter Valley, minutes from Lake Macquarie and a short drive to the Hunter vineyards

"Before we bought the Climber 7.16 we were using a John Deere 110 ride on to mow several steeper batters around the rural home sites which are grassed. The slope of the terrain and heavy dew often made using the John Deere difficult, and possibly susceptible to rolling over. Because of these challenges we embarked on an extensive internet search. This search led us to believe that the Grillo Climber would be the solution to our problem. Talking to the Grillo stocking dealer confirmed it and we bought our Climber 7.16 sight unseen several years ago from Coffs Harbour Stihl Shop. After seeing the Climber’s ability to tackle thick and heavy grasses and regrowth, we decided to cut a walking track down though our creek area. It is about 700 meters in length. This helps with access for weed control. As well as the mowing mentioned above, the Climbers excellent slashing ability also enables us to use it to supplement our 27HP Kubota slasher, as it fits into tight areas where the slasher cannot get to. We have been very impressed with the Grillo Climber 7.16. In particular, the strength of the frame and general componentry has surpassed our expectations. Both Carol and I use the Grillo and would not hesitate in recommending the Grillo Climber range to others who are considering it".

This is What Happens after You Fill in the Form Below.

First we will call you to learn of your unique needs to assess if the Grillo Climber is the right machine for the job. There’s no pressure selling here, we want to ensure you settle on the best ride on for your property.

Then, once we can see that a Grillo Climber will suit your terrain and demands, we will take you through some customer case stories from those who faced similar issues as yours and then chose to settle on a Grillo. In more cases than not there is usually someone using a Grillo just as you plan to and frequently near your property.

Nobody purchases a Grillo Climber site unseen. Our dealers are spread across the country, with most stocking a Climber for demonstration purposes. So if you are interested in taking things further, we will work with you and them to arrange a suitable date and time for a “hands on” demonstration of a Grillo Climber. Then you will be able to experience the Climber for yourself seeing how it safely and effectively manages your property and terrain.

So why not start the process off and complete the form below and make contact with the Grillo Climber team today. It would be a pleasure to discuss this great product with you and help you experience how a Grillo Climber can help you safely tame even the toughest of terrains.

However - read this first before making contact - the Grillo Climber range may not be for you.

Those looking for a budget machine are in the wrong place. The range of Grillo Climber ride ons are quality machines built in Italy specifically designed for rough and tough terrain property management.

And while there are a wide range of options to suit different terrain options with prices that match each specification these machines do start at $8,490 incl GST. You are not looking at a $4,000 machine that will last only a few years and during this short life may well put you and your family at risk while it struggles to manage your sloping terrain.

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